The Benefits of Networking Multiple Buildings

Making the decision to open branch offices is tedious work and not without its challenges. However, how to connect with workers at those remote locations doesn’t have to be. It does not matter if the locations are on the same street, in the same town or a different country. As long as you have reliable internet connect at all locations, you can be connected, both data and phones. If you are already working with multiple locations, you have most likely already felt this pain. Customers inevitably call the wrong location. The only solution is to tell them to make another call. Think about how powerful it would be to be able to transfer them to not only the right location, but to the exact right PERSON who could help.

Businesses of all types from manufacturing and service sectors, to retail and professional are benefiting from this technology. In the recent past, you had no way to effectively connect branch locations that was affordable or reliable. Now, with the advent of reliable and affordable high speed internet, you can communicate throughout all of your locations successfully, like you are under the same roof. (As far as your phone system is concerned, you are.)

You can dial extension to extension (bypassing interruption of receptionist) and even access over head paging at other locations. You can now also incorporate your mobile device into the mix. Your cell phone can literally be an extension off of your phone system. If you are in the office, you can use your traditional desk phone. If you leave and choose to do so, you can transfer calls to your cell phone, and then transfer calls back to someone else in the office if they can better assist the caller. It gives “customer service” a whole new meaning.

There are several ways to accomplish these connections. Let us help you figure out which is best for your situation. Whether it is one system with IP phones at the remote locations, or an individual system at each location connected via the internet. Each solution has a place it works best and we can help you design the proper way to connect these locations.

Since every business is unique and has specific needs, with over 20 years of experience under our belts, we can help you choose the best phone system to meet your needs. We would consider it an honor to be of service to your organization. Please call today at 662.534.4987.