About Us

Give our experienced staff an opportunity to improve your organization’s communication and security.

Tom Massengill

Tom is from New Albany, MS and holds a degree in accounting from the University of West Alabama (formerly Livingston University). He started in the phone business in 1990 and fell in love with it. In 1995, he had an opportunity to join a lifelong friend at ASI and bought the business in 2003. His goal is to be the best “value” for his customers and to be a partner in their success, not a vendor.

Craig Collier

Craig joined ASI in November 1995. Tom and Craig worked together for three years at another company. Craig was mentored by his father Bob Collier who worked for ASI until his retirement in 2002. Craig is very customer-centric and a perfectionist regarding his installations.

Joey White

Joey joined the team in 1998. He was a recent college graduate in electronics and fell right in. He is one of the most visual technicians and strives to make customers happy by offering outstanding service.

Brian Lanphere

Brian started working with ASI in 2001. He came to ASI from another telephone company and had worked in the telecom business for many years prior to joining ASI.

Jerry Paul

Jerry’s journey to ASI isn’t as direct as some of our other employees. In 1995, two months after Tom bought into the company, ASI offered Jerry a position. He initially accepted the job but then decided to stay with the company where he’d worked for several years. In 2012 after several mergers and acquisitions, Jerry decided it was time to make a change. Finally, after 17 years he came home to ASI.

Adam Aldridge

Adam came to ASI in 2012. He has an electronics background and had worked in the security industry for several years.

Rick Parker

Rick is a retired Air Force vet and joined ASI in 2004 as general manager. His goal is to make sure our customers get the level of service they desire.


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