Phone Systems

Dispelling the myths behind buzzwords like VoIP so your company receives the services it needs at a price it can afford.

VoIP is the most popular buzzword in commercial phone service, but what does it really mean? That all depends on who you’re talking to. Before you sign on the dotted line for a new telephone service or phone system make sure you know what you’re actually receiving. Our experienced technicians can help you understand the difference between the service you need and the one you’re being offered.

Call us to know to save money by knowing what you’re actually getting from your phone service provider.

Commercial phone systems fall into two categories:

  • Hosted telephone systems
  • On-premises telephone systems

ASI Telecom provides solutions for businesses regardless of their size.

Jive Hosted Phone Systems
ASI Telecom is a distributor of Jive Voice Services. Whether you’d prefer a month-to-month billing or a long-term contract, we have solutions to meet your budget.

A hosted phone system means less hardware on your site but access to the same features as an on-site solution. Jive offers easy setup and reliable service with a budget-friendly price.

Features include:

    • Custome Schedules and Routing
    • Call Forwarding
    • Auto Attendants
    • Music On Hold
    • Custom Greetings
    • Unlimited Extensions
    • Voicemail to Email

Plus More

ESI On-Site Phone Systems
On-site phone systems require more hardware than hosted solutions but better fit the needs of some growing businesses and industries. ESI solutions allow you to connect multiple sites, back up your system data and increase your productivity.

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