Clean, Safe Local Park Relies on CCTV System

Security cameras in city parks have become more commonplace in recent years. A city park is, after all, supposed to be a peaceful place. It’s a place where you can walk your dog, play with your kids, or just chill out. However, keeping them safe can become a problem for municipalities especially those with small budgets.

For some it’s just not feasible to have security personnel at the park 24/7. This is why the demand for cameras with higher resolutions able to capture more details has grown. More and more cities and local governments in the US and Canada are beginning to install surveillance cameras in public areas.

In addition to a reduction in dependency on security personnel, security cameras in public areas give other benefits to the city as well. First, they can help reduce crime and vandalism. They can also assist law enforcement in apprehending criminals if they are caught on camera.

Recently a local municipality sought our help installing cameras on their public tennis courts after a rise in vandalism. One night after the cameras had been installed a park caretaker noticed some suspicious activity. The next day, officials checked the surveillance video and they discovered evidence of a crime. The video supplied enough evidence to identify both the victim and the perpetrator and to also prosecute.

Of course, every municipality using public surveillance cameras should follow some best practices to maintain their citizen’s privacy as well as protect the equipment. First of all, make sure that your cameras do not point to any private areas like apartments, businesses or offices, or any other property that the owner does not wish to be recorded. Second, place your cameras in strategic and advantageous areas for recording such as high traffic areas of public places. Third, remember the camera’s safety. Outdoor cameras are subject to the elements but also to vandalism. When possible store your cameras in environment safe housing to protect them from the weather and place them in less than obvious places to avoid vandalism.

Whether you need cameras for a parking lot, a city park, your home, or your private business, our highly trained staff is here to help! Let us work with you to come up with the most cost-effective custom security solution for your needs.